Typing and Word Processing


Background:  If you are looking for a ‘speedy gonsalves’ of typing, you are in the right spot! I was called ‘speedy gonsalves’ many times in my Secretarial career, back in the days of Manual Typewriters and electrical typewriters! I developed a love of the typewriter from my first introduction to it at Secretarial College. I loved the whole concept, the sound of the keys clicking, creating great presentations on paper and receiving praise when the job was completed. My current speed attested is at 90+ words per minute with high accuracy and presentation. Those skills are now used virtually in providing services through the internet.

Typing jobs:

  1. Handwritten notes
  2. File to be amended, edited, reformatted with Templates, Style sheets, Paragraph numbering, Indexing
  3. Printed PDF files to be converted to Word file for future editing and reformatting
  4. Templates
  5. Business letters and reports
  6. Statistical reports with Tables
  7. Linking files
  8. Include Graphics, images, logos, photo logs
  9. Manuals, Books, Plans, Agreements, Contracts, Business Plan.
  10. Presentations – Flyers, Marketing material, Newsletters, Price Lists, Specifications
  11. Data entry in Excel or any database program
  12. PowerPoint Presentations
  13. Transcribe dictation.

Examples of work situations:  A client needs a document edited and formatted for a meeting and his secretary is away sick. Client contacts me by email and describes the work required. The Master file is emailed to me for a quick preview, I estimate if I can do the work within the required timeline and a cost of the service. The client next emails me a scanned copy of handwritten corrections on the Master file by PDF.  An estimate of the cost for service is emailed, which can be paid by PayPal or direct bank transfer. Word processing of documents start at $30 per hour, with 6 pages typed within the hour, formatted and corrected.

Clients I work with:

  • University lecturers, students, admin staff
  • Research institutes
  • Legal professionals
  • Health professionals
  • Doctors
  • Teachers
  • Building, technical and engineering professionals
  • Students, job seekers

I look forward to your inquiry at xpressonline@bigpond.com.

~ Mary Jordon

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