brand_image_2We are experienced and skilled group of transcriptionists in transcribing all types of audio recordings on digital media into a Word document.

Types of terminology include:

  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Minutes of Meetings
  • Research focus groups
  • Building surveyor reports
  • Engineering reports
  • Academic

Environments recorded in meeting rooms with 1-5 people, seminars, outdoors, court rooms, offices, at home.

We handle all types of accents from around the globe.

Costs starts from $2.50 per audio minute transcribed into a Word document, which is proof read, spell checked. Extra charges apply for larger groups of people or noisy recordings @ $3.30 per audio minute.

Audio files can be emailed or transferred through Drop Box.

Contact me at

Xpress Online Secretarial Services

PO Box 328, Flemington, Melbourne 3031