Fee schedule

Prices are customized for different types of services. All work is completed within 24 hours of receipt of a job request.

Typing & Word Processing

  • Typing – (straight text) from $3 per page (for students). (Enquiries welcome from students at school/college)
  • Typing Text from handwritten notes, includes Tables, Graphics, Stylesheets, Table of Contents @ $5 per page
  • Word Processing/Formatting converted PDF files to Word @ $5 per typed page. (Indexing, Table of Contents)

Transcription of audio recordings:

  • From $2 per audio minute.

Resumes @ $75 includes designing a new C.V/Resume, consultations, reformatting an existing resume.

Excel spreadsheets @ $5 per sheet:

  • Data entry of names & addresses, contact details
  • Budgets
  • Statistical reports
  • Charts

PowerPoint Slides @ $5 per slide.  Creation & design of slides for onscreen presentations or printed presentations.

Diary and Email management @ $30 per hour.

Social Media management @ $35 per hour.

  • Includes Blog creation and updates, monitor Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest accounts,


  • Network with online customers, newsgroups